Introducing the Halo

A specially designed head rest for float tanks.
Floatease Color Group


The Halo is a cushion or pillow that allows the head to float in a more natural supine position. This enables the neck to completely relax and can dramatically reduce neck pain and discomfort while floating in water.



It's pretty simple. But it works!

Floatease Halo Before

Let’s face it – not all heads were designed to float perfectly on water! Prolonged hyper-extension of the neck while floating can be very uncomfortable and lead to tension and strain.

The positive buoyancy of the Floatease Halo allows the neck and shoulders to relax more easily which can dramatically reduce pain and discomfort while floating.


Don't take our word for it. See what other float centre operators are saying about the Halo.

A truly wonderful product! Our members love them and we are now able to offer our rookie floaters a head rest that can make their first float that much more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Floatease Halo is the type of product every float center shuold have as standard equipment. It’s simply designed and better than any other item used for supporting your head during a float.

Gone are the days of constantly replacing neck cushions as they pop, or fill up slowly with salt. The Foatease Halo is the most comfortable and hassle free floating accessory available.


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